Customer Mobile App

A simple app to create and track jobs

This is the free mobile app that you can instruct your job requesters to install on their smartphones, whether they be customers outside of your organization, or team members within. Using the app, they can view your service offering and send you detailed job requests in seconds. Once their jobs become active, they can track your operators with real-time GPS.

The IronSight Customer mobile app provides your requesters with the following useful features that will save them time and boost their efficiency while ordering your company's services:

  • Submit a job request in under 3 seconds

  • View your full service offering including availability times

  • Specify all key details to get the job done right

    • service type

    • start time & estimated duration

    • job location

    • detailed procedure

    • attach image

  • GPS track your service trucks on a live map to monitor arrival times

  • Connect directly with their job's operator to change the plan on the fly or give driving directions

  • View calendar to reference or edit their scheduled, active and completed jobs

  • Stay in-the-loop with job status notification emails

  • Download for free on App Store and Google Play