Customer: One of the world's largest oil companies operating a large oil&gas field in Alberta with 800 personnel on site 


  • Approximately 100 oil company employees requesting work from contractor companies to optimize and maintain wells 
  • Ten contractor companies providing a variety of heavy equipment and workers
    • 100 contractor units ($200/hr average hourly rate) completing approximately 5 jobs per day for the oil company's 30 service rigs ($800/hr hourly rate)
    • 10 full-time contractor dispatch positions, one to coordinate each company's assets 

Goal: Reduce cost of services by streamlining and tracking contractor work


  1. Every contractor and oil company employee created an IronSight account
  2. Dispatching responsibility transferred from contractors to oil company coordinators
  3. All jobs to be requested, dispatched, completed with IronSight's apps

After IronSight Implementation