Add and customize locations with the Locations tab in Dispatch Hub

Add and customize locations with the Locations tab in Dispatch Hub


IronSight allows you to enter all locations important to your organization. Any location added into the Dispatch Hub is displayed on Field View and selectable for a job request. IronSight supports multiple location types, allowing you to categorize and filter locations on Field View. For example, you may want to visually differentiate between a wellsite and a fluid load station with a distinctive color and name. Categorization of location types also helps with KPI's and business analytics. 

Please follow the instructions below to add and customize your organization's locations. 

Add Color

Colors can be used to visually differentiate between site types (all wellsites can have a blue icon for example). They can also be used to quickly toggle a status such as online/offline. 

  1. Click Add Color
  2. Type in a new color name. If this color is meant to communicate a status such as online or offline, it's a good idea include this in the name (red = offline for example).
  3. Enter the Hex Color Code which can be found by searching "color picker" in Google. 
add color.jpg
 Search "color picker" to choose a custom color and copy/paste its associated hex color code (#4286f4 in the above example)

Search "color picker" to choose a custom color and copy/paste its associated hex color code (#4286f4 in the above example)

Adding New Location Type

When you click “Add Location Type” you are presented with the screen below. Here you will name the location type (Load Station, Muster Point, Warehouse, Office for example) and check whether or not this new location supports status updates. With status updates enabled, users with appropriate permission can update the description and color of the location in Field View. This is useful for any location type that has regularly changing circumstances. For example a fluid Load Station may go online/offline or the types of fluid available may change. This information can be updated on Field View, which instantly communicates the information to all customers, operators, contractors, and management with access to IronSight. This has the potential to significantly reduce time wasted driving to offline or unsuitable locations, or phoning around for status updates.

add location type.jpg

Add New Location

  1. Click Add Location.
  2. Enter the name and choose location type
  3. Select a color (optional). Please note that this color will only be displayed on Field View if the Location Type supports status updates. See "Add New Location Type" instructions above.
  4. Fill in a description (optional)
  5. Enter Latitude and Longitude. If this is not readily available, please open Google Maps, change to satellite view in bottom left corner, and then click your desired location to reveal the latitude and longitude which can be copy/pasted.
  6. Choose company.
  7. Click Save and open Field View to confirm locaiton and details of your new entry.
add location window.jpg

Updating a Location

Only users with appropriate Dispatch Hub permissions (Field View Coordinator for example) can update a Location's information. 

  1. Open Field View.
  2. Filter the map for your desired location type.
  3. Click the desired location.
  4. Change the color if your organization has a universally understood color system. In the example below, green means this location is online. 
  5. Change the description of the location to communicate availability, ongoing projects, safety precautions, inventory etc.
  6. Click update and notice that a timestamp is created to indicate the last time this information was changed. 
field view edit location.jpg