Parking Lot

The parking lot can be accessed from the left menu bar of the Dispatch Hub. It is a scheduling tool that allows dispatchers to view, edit, and assign incoming jobs to the optimal unit, based on their availability and location. It also allows instant messaging communication between dispatcher and operator. 

Instant Messaging
Each job has its own dedicated chat thread. The only users who can access each job thread is the dispatcher responsible for the Resource Type and the Operator assigned to the job. 

The dispatcher can access a job's chat thread by double clicking a job bar anywhere on the Parking lot. When a new message comes in, and indicator will appear on the top right blue chat icon. This blue chat icon lets dispatchers view a summary of all incoming messages. 

The operator can access a job's chat by tapping a job in their mobile app.  When a new message is sent to an operator, they will be notified with a bump notificaiton on their mobile device. 

Parking Lot overview