IronSight Quick Reference

Listed alphabetically below are quick references to terms and features of IronSight. Many entries below can be clicked to access more detailed tutorials and short instructional videos.

To request additional topics and videos please email We will commit to producing a video within a few days of receiving your request. 



Users who submit job requests with the IronSight Customer app and GPS track service providers. 
ex: field personnel, store owners, well site supervisors, 


A discrete segment of your company.  Companies often seperate divisions along product line, service line, or responsibility. It can be helpful to create Divisions within IronSight for better organization, KPI tracking, and allocation of the shared resources.
ex:  typical oilfield divisions are 'Operations' and 'Well Servicing'


Service providers in the field who utilize the IronSight Operator mobile app to view, activate and complete jobs that are assigned by Dispatchers. 
ex: truck drivers, equipment operators, tradespeople


A group of related resource types. It is useful to create Services and assign resource types to them. This becomes very useful for Schedule View, where you can filter by Service. Dispatcher can filter Schedule View so they only see the jobs which they are responsible for. 
ex: A Service called 'Fluid' can be created. All resource types that transport fluid like pressure trucks, vacuum trucks, and water trucks would be assigned to it. 


A discrete service provide who can be assigned jobs and tracked on Field View. Each resource type can contain one or many Units. For example a 'Delivery Truck' Resource Type can contain units DT#1 and DT#3 or whatever name scheme your organization uses.