What is IronSight?

Your operation,
in one place.

IronSight gives industrial operations a bird’s-eye view of everything happening in the field. Uber-like apps are used to digitally request, dispatch, GPS track, and analyze services. This creates a singular hub for operations and service providers to communicate and coordinate work together. By replacing archaic pen&paper logistics with the IronSight platform, our clients have increased utilization of mobile workers and equipment by up to 38%.

“Since we implemented IronSight, we have realized a significant cost savings and increase in productive time. It gives us a birds-eye view of our operations in real time. It has never been easier for us to schedule and dispatch the right people when needed. We look forward to expanding its use into our other service divisions.

By the end of the year we anticipate IronSight will have saved us ~$375K, and that’s after accounting for all of the software related costs.”
— Ops Lead, Leading Oil&Gas Producer
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Who uses IronSight?

A two-sided,
collaborative platform.

IronSight is a platform that connects the demand (oil&gas operations for example) to the supply (oilfield service providers for example). Some companies prefer to keep IronSight as an in-house tool, without involving and 3rd parties. On the other hand some operations connect their IronSight environments with multiple 3rd parties to increase sales, transparency, and collaborative efficiency.



Industries: Oil&Gas,
Construction, Mining,
Utilities, Agriculture


Mobile Service

Fluid hauling, Trades,
Well servicing, Rentals,
Service trucking,

Any mobile workforce
benefits from IronSight’s
field oversight, seamless
communication, &
automated processes.

“The software was easy to implement and the IronSight team have been more than pleasing to work with. IronSight helps us to react to changes in business requirements almost immediately. We give IronSight a 10/10 and recommend it to anyone with day-to-day oil & gas field operations.”
— Well Servicing Representative, Canadian E&P Company

Why use IronSight?

Features & benefits

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efficiency (10% - 38%)

  • Reduce downtime of assets

  • Request service in seconds via mobile app

  • Easily dispatch to optimal team member

  • Reduce travel time and save fuel

  • Accountability for billed hours & unsupervised work

  • Reduce admin costs with digitized field tickets and forms 


Live oversight

  • Bird's-eye view of tasks, team and assets

  • A.I. enabled scheduler maximizes utilization

  • Real-time analytics with custom KPIs

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Connected safety

  • Fill safety forms in the app

  • React effectively to emergency situations

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Easy & automated communication

  • Instant messaging between dispatch & field workers

  • Automated job updates to reduce phone calls

  • All jobs stored in your cloud for easy reference

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Easy to try

  • No commitment free trial

  • Minimal training required

  • No hardware purchases required

  • Download from App or Play store

  • Experienced implementation team


“IronSight makes it easy for us to understand at all times which services we are using, and the metrics for those services. This helps us to reduce non-productive time and ensure we have the data we need to make good business decisions.”
— Tier 1 Energy Producer

One platform,
for every stage of the job.

IronSight's Workflow

  1. Requesters (your customers or employees) use the IronSight Customer mobile app to quickly send in job requests.

  2. Coordinators utilize the Dispatch Hub website to assign incoming jobs to the optimal Operator based on their schedule, expertise, equipment and location.

  3. Operators (your equipment operators, drivers, tradespeople) use the IronSight Operator mobile app to view, activate, and complete their assigned jobs. They can then create a paperless field ticket and collect a signature.

IronSight’s web and mobile apps automatically communicate to ensure all parties are kept in-the-loop throughout a job's life cycle. If your operation has smartphones and a computer, there are no hardware purchases or installations required. Continue reading below for an introduction to each app.

IronSight’s web and mobile apps automatically communicate to ensure all parties are kept in-the-loop throughout a job's life cycle. If your operation has smartphones and a computer, there are no hardware purchases or installations required. Continue reading below for an introduction to each app.

Empower your operators.

Operator App

Daily plans and paperwork in the palm of your hand:

  • Detailed job list

  • Routing to job site

  • Paperless field ticketing

  • Clock-in clock-out timesheets

  • Safety forms

  • Chat with dispatch, push notification alerts

  • Offline capable

  • Battery and data friendly

ironsight operator screen.png

Birds-eye view of
tasks, team & assets.

Dispatch Hub

A web-based hub for the office to make data-driven operational decisions:

  • Field View: a map based view of workforce, equipment, inventory, and locations.

  • Schedule View: an A.I. enabled scheduler to assign incoming job requests or create your own. Changes are automatically communicated to operators and customers.

  • Analytics Dashboard: inform operational decisions with easy to read visualizations and reports based on your key performance indicators.

  • Field Ticketing: edit and issue field tickets that are completed by the field team.


Dispatch Hub is your coordinator's home base, accessible from any web browser. Its Field View and Schedule View tools shown above provide your team a full picture of what's happening in your operation.

Request & track services.

Requester App

This is the free mobile app for job requesters, whether they be customers outside of your organization, or team members within. Using the app, they can view your service offering and send you detailed job requests in seconds. Once their jobs become active, they can track your operators with real-time GPS and stay in-the-loop with push notifications about job status.

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