Our Story



It all started when...

two brothers and a longtime friend met one afternoon to dream up a business idea. Oil was booming at the time and there seemed to be an ever-growing demand for oilfield service trucking. We each had a lot of experience coordinating service trucks in our past job experience, so it seemed like the obvious industry to dive into. After writing our business plan and securing financing, we found our first combo vacuum truck – Ol’ Betsy. We weren’t yet in a position to offer customers state-of-the-art equipment like some of our larger competitors, so we sought to gain competitive advantage by creating a mobile app that our customers could use to request and track our services. Short on funds, we were forced to hire an overseas freelance developer. Over the next 6 months we developed the application and finally released it onto the App Store and Google Play early in 2015. We named it IronSight, since it enables our dispatchers and customers to see our “iron” in the field. The mobile app quickly became a pillar of our oilfield trucking business, helping us land contracts with major energy producers like CNRL, Pengrowth Energy, Grizzly Oil Sands, and Imperial Oil. 

The first iteration of IronSight was a successful proof-of-concept. After years of a prolonged oil downturn, we steadily saw decrease in demand for service trucks and increase in demand for IronSight as the industry sought to reduce operational cost through innovation. It became clear to the owners that it was time to sell our trucking assets and focus solely on the refinement of our software.  

We paired up with an industry-leading software developer based in Alberta to take IronSight to the next level. We have formed a formidable team by combining their renowned software development expertise and our deep understanding of oilfield operations. Each new customer that adopts IronSight presents their own unique needs and challenges. Through frequent site visits, consultations with our customers, and constant analysis of the historical job data,  we envision new software features to solve our customer’s problems, then task our developers with making them a reality.  No two IronSight deployments are the same, as our product is tailor-made to solve each customer’s unique challenges, some of which they weren’t even aware of.  Through constant improvement, IronSight has become a powerful data-driven dispatching tool that has revolutionized the way that our customers do business.